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Pack Your Bags – Top Travel Destinations 2017

Posted by S+F on Apr 13, 2017.

With the Summer months swiftly approaching, we’ve put together a list of the top travel destinations to visit in 2017. It’s definitely time for a holiday!


Looking for a beautiful and bright place to get away to? Slovenia might just be the perfect destination. Only a short flight away from the UK, Slovenia provides the ultimate dose of greenery, the great outdoors and wine. That’s right; Slovenia is known for making some incredible wines and beers so when it comes to evening drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Lake in Slovenia

Credit: Eternal Wandering

Next up on our travel list is Finland, a beautiful and nature-friendly country known for its stunning landscapes, honest values and incredible culture. Expect everything from al fresco concerts and sauna evenings to history exhibitions and community events as this year the Finns celebrate gaining independence a century ago. With an Ice Hotel open 365 days of the year and the Northern Lights taking residency in the country’s Arctic Lapland province, it’s simply an ideal travel spot for a utopian adventure.

lake and pine trees in finland

Credit: Visit Finland

Our last European travel destination is Hungary’s capital, Budapest. The Danube River bisects the city, with a 19th century chain bridge connecting the hilly district of Buda with the flat eastern area of Pest. Thermal baths, ruin pubs and breathtaking architecture set the tone for this astonishing city where diverse historical and modern influence faultlessly meet, leaving something remarkable to discover at every turn. Unwind with an extensive choice of art nouveau and Turkish style bathhouses and explore the city’s eclectic Parliament building featuring a blend of neo-gothic and baroque revival architecture. Budapest is an urban explorers dream, shaped by modern influence and evolution.

fisherman's bastion Budapest

The Americas

For those wanting to travel beyond the borders of Europe, Canada is an ideal place to consider. Laying beneath a white blanket in the Winter, Canada springs into life during the summer, turning into a warm and blue-skied paradise. The Niagara Falls set the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary place, with more than just fresh lakes and green covered mountains to discover. Explore the city streets of Vancouver and experience the world record breaking ‘Peak 2 Peak’ Gondola in British Columbia’s Whistler district. Travel by plane or boat to Gwaii Haanas, a huge Unesco World Heritage Site, home to some of the continent’s best kayaking, hot springs and time-capsuled abandoned villages. Canada is quite simply one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and it should be on your travelling bucket list.

river in canada

We decided to miss out the United States in this guide and head straight for the South American continent. A boast of South America’s allure, Columbia presents itself in the most magnificent forms. From exotic Caribbean coasts to surreptitious Amazon Jungle scrublands, Columbia simply isn’t a narcotic stronghold any longer. Stroll down the streets of Cartagena on Columbia’s north coast and enjoy the exotic fruits the city has to offer. With palm lined white sand beaches only a stone’s throw away, it’s quite simply a South American paradise. You can also explore the country’s history with a trek to the ancient Ciudad Perdida, Spanish for ‘Lost City’. This predecessor to Machu Picchu is only accessible with a 44km trek that’s not for the faint hearted, but for the willing explorer this remarkable sight is well worth the journey.


Credit: Jet Set World Travel


The lasting nomadic culture of Mongolia is famous as well as it’s enduring hospitality – If you’re looking for a place to rest, a local nomad will find you a bed. Run out of water while hiking through the countryside and a local farmer will offer you theirs. Get lost while exploring the Gobi Desert and a passer by will help guide you back to civilisation. Something almost impossible to find elsewhere, Mongolia opens it’s doors to practically everyone. In a world beset by locks and doors, it’s refreshing to find a country with such accommodating and welcoming people. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar is quite the opposite to the rural nomadic countryside, rapidly developing into a thriving city of consumerism, capitalism and business. Located inside the capital is one of Mongolia’s most important temples, Gandan Khiid and with more than 600 monks at the monastery, it’s quite extraordinary and provides an incredible contrast to the developing capital.

mongolian horses in countryside

Credit: Insider Journeys

The last travel spot on our list is Bali. There is much more beyond the fun-in-the-sun attraction of deep sea diving, great surfing and extremely Instagrammable’ shore lines. Bali represents spirituality, integrity and meaningful journeys. Quite the cliché statement, but Bali truly is an Indonesian paradise where almost everything has greater meaning and it’s truly magical. From the depths of Bali’s sun-swept beaches and ocean floor shipwrecks to the monumental choice of temples, museums and 24 hour rooftops bars, Indonesia’s Shangri-la really offers something for everyone. Just don’t forget to pack your sun cream.

Credit: Putu Bali Driver

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