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Posted by S&F on Feb 16, 2015.

Plane food and fine dining are two things we never expected to hear in the same sentence. In Terminal 5 you can relax and enjoy a 3 course meal or alternatively grab and go with their mini picnic hampers to be the subject of everyone’s jealousy on board. Usually the only pork belly you find in Terminal 5 is from someone who has tried to bring it in illegally; not any more. Savour it. Grab your napkin. Feast and fly.

Recline and catch some zzz’s in style with Otis Batterbee’s eyemasks, the new essential for every traveling gent. Filled with lavender they virtually guarantee you’ll fall asleep.  Look smart, even while you sleep. Alternatively cut holes in them and pretend you’re a tweed wearing superhero.

Gate8 is utterly sensational.  Imagine being able to combine all necessary garments and technology in one streamlined, sleek, crease- free bag.  Then imagine that this is compliant across all airlines for cabin size carry-on. Smile. Some airlines charge up to £140 for oversized baggage, whereas Gate8 offer a lifetime guarantee to never even let it cross your mind; just unzip the laptop bag attached, slip it through the handle of the main bag and you’re set. Then just use that £140 for some bubbly when you arrive to toast pure genius.

For a simple, yet effective way of transporting your favourite shirt, Patrona have developed the slick ‘Shirt Shuttle’. The hard case will ensure that it won’t crease when in a suitcase, or when you’re on the tube on the way to a meeting. Shuttle away people.

As most of you know the Aircon in planes (and the few stiff G&T’s in flight) sucks the moisture out of your skin leaving it dull and dehydrated.  Our Hydrator does what its says on the tin, and as its 100ml it wont be confiscated at security.  About to land and wanting to smell awesome, a quick spritz of our recently launched EdT will leave you smelling fresh.

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