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Posted by S&F on Feb 16, 2015.

We first came across James Townsend through our friends at The Chapar. He is a medical doctor based in Antarctica, who has quite frankly, the best frozen beard we have ever seen. Find him on twitter via @jamespwt and through his blog Wanting to make sure he was the most groomed gent in Antarctica, and when the opportunity of sending our products to a remote corner of the globe presented itself, we decided to send him our full range. Track our delivery on Twitter, it’s in Cape Town at the moment, kicking back at Camps Bay with a Castle lager probably, or sitting at a depot somewhere.  Our tracking software isn’t that advanced.

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but our latest wash pack 5 really is the ultimate Christmas gift. Our bold and sturdy wash bag houses the complete set of our body and skincare products.  And to top it off it’s priced at a spiffing £40.  That is just too good.  Merry Christmas all.

Born in London, L’estrange was started by two close friends as a project to create the perfect hoodie and by jove, we think they have succeeded. Perfectly constructed, they come in a range of classic colours and patterned linings. We love the Liberty collection. Available via their website.

Ok so we’re feeling a little peckish.  What else is new?  However with the Turkey/Mince Pie/ Christmas cake feast fast approaching we thought we would get our hands on something healthy and nutritious for a change.  Knowing that the usual ‘good’ foods taste like woodchips we were determined to find something that was actually a pleasure to consume.  Presenting Rude Health. Phenomenally tasty and healthy, we may actually skip the Christmas Lunch and just have one long breakfast.  Ok maybe with a mince pie to top it off.  Or 6.  Fine 12.

We have teamed up with The Chapar to offer O2 users an amazing deal via its O2 priority moment’s app. Spend £100 at The Chapar and receive a £40 voucher to spend at Scaramouche and  That just so happens to be the same price as our new Wash Pack 5.  Some things are just meant to be…

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