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Posted by S&F on Feb 16, 2015.

Genius is very hard to come by, but it has arrived.  The brainchild of Mat Dusting, a comrade of ours at the recent Popup Piccadilly, has developed an inhumanely good looking set of bags made from recycled truck tarpaulin.  Each bag is completely unique due to the variety in lorry curtains that are collected.  You know you want one, ok you want 50.  So do we.  Ok fine, more than 50. Check them out at

Alden shoe company as they are traditionally known have released the Patterson Unlined Dover show.  Blue.  Suede.  Smart. Cool.  Alden is the only original New England (Massachusetts, USA) shoe and bootmaker remaining of the hundreds that began – with shoes like this its not hard to see why.  Jolly good, Alden, jolly good.

If you are in the mood for oysters, steaks, fish; or well any dish under the sun (or the murky winter sky), visit Hix.  Ridiculously good food, and fresher than a 4am dip in the Serpentine on Boxing Day.  Enjoy.

04. – The Audi Motorrad Concept
You know how every couple has a list of famous celebrities they would like to, and be entitled to, have a passionate tete a tete with. Hold the phones.  Ditch the list.  The only ride you want is from the Audi Motorrad.  Oozing cool, the concept motorbike has an arrogant air.  It knows it’s good looking.  It knows it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. It knows you want to have a go.  There is very little it doesn’t know.  It is omniscient.  It is omnipotent.  It is omnificent.

Another compadre on our recent Popup Piccadilly expedition was Zaini hats.  These hats are outrageously cool and extremely warm (mixed message I know).  You’ll find colours to suit your attire, and what’s more they have kids sizes and also limited edition hoodies.  Worn by One Direction, the Made in Chelsea cast, and soon to be every Hollywood A-Lister, you’ll want to get involved.  Hand made and lined, they will keep your head nice and toasty while the rest of you has frostbite.   Find a place on your Christmas shopping list , and your wardrobe, for Zaini.

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