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Run London Run!

Posted by S+F on Apr 22, 2016.

Running marathons, half marathons or just a couple of miles regularly has become one of the hottest pastimes for city dwellers lately. If you are one of the hundreds heading to the London Marathon start line this Sunday we’ve got a few tips to get you round the course in style:

– Keep your skin well moisturised and hydrated. Drink enough fluid before the race and apply a good facial moisturiser. Although it’s not going to be scorching this weekend, it’s always a good idea to use an SPF to make sure your skin is protected from the sun.

– 26 miles is bound to make you work up a sweat, so longer hairstyles might suffer and end up irritatingly plastered all over your face. Use a hair styling product to keep your hair in place and out of your way so you can concentrate on the running.

– Your running outfit is hugely important and the right choice will help avoid any unnecessary hardships around the course. Avoid wearing anything you haven’t run in before and choose clothes that are comfortable and breathable.

– Finally smile! Remember that you are running around one of the world’s most amazing cities with hundreds and thousands of supporters cheering you on. You’ve done the hard work already and the race day is your opportunity to put all the pre-race training into action so if you can, enjoy it – it’s a huge achievement, just be proud and make the most of it!

In the mean time enjoy the carb loading and best of luck (and don’t forget to wash your hair)! 


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