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Lean and Clean – The Sports Wash

Posted by S+F on May 04, 2017.

As chocolate wrappers from the Easter bank holiday slowly become memories, it’s about time we focus on ourselves. Getting fit is a serious challenge for some and a walk in the park for others, literally. The Scaramouche + Fandango team is completely divided when it comes to exercise, with some running countless miles a week and others running to the shop each evening for a chocolate bar.

Nonetheless, we think it’s time to put down the early morning pastries and focus on getting in better shape. And if you’re getting in better shape you might find our Sports wash a handy product to have in your wash bag!

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4 in 1

We use the term ‘4 in 1’ because it’s exactly that. You can use the Sports wash as a shampoo, body wash, face wash and even as a shaving cream. The versatility of the Sports wash makes it such a great product, removing the need for a bagful of different tubes.

Great Ingredients

The Sports wash has other great benefits aside from its versatility with many ingredients specifically chosen with sport in mind. Caffeine packs a punch and is used to help energise the body both pre and post work out. Guar gum moisturises and conditions the hair and skin without causing product build-up, meaning it’s great for a smooth shave.

Naturally Derived

Something we like to focus on regularly is the natural ingredients in our products. We want to fill our tubes with great natural goodness to bring as much benefit to your skin and hair as possible. In addition to the great ingredients such as caffeine, the Sports Wash is also highly naturally derived at 97%.

Whether you’re looking for a gym bag companion or a handy all rounder, the Sports Wash is a great choice. Built for the adventurers, the explorers and the go-getters, packed full of goodness and carrying our signature scent, what more could you want from the humble Sports Wash.

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