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The Perfect Morning Routine

Posted by S+F on Mar 03, 2017.

Like Marmite, some of us love it and some of us hate it, the morning routine can be an intensive and enjoyable ritual for some and a pain in the neck for others. Here at Scaramouche + Fandango, we all tend to have different routines which we stick to most mornings. For some, jumping out of bed, showering and getting dressed are the only three things they really commit to. For others there is a strict and sacred routine in place which is admirably carried out each morning with pride and pleasure. We decided to ask some of the team here at S+F what their morning routine involves, in hope of creating what we believe to be the perfect morning routine.

Colleague 1

Let us introduce you to Gary. He’s our Operations guy here at S+F and always presents himself very well. Gary’s well dressed, well groomed and takes care of his diet and fitness, so as you can probably guess he’s always looking ‘on point’ as the saying goes. We asked Gary to run us through his morning routine, from rising out of bed to leaving for work and as you can probably assume judging by his flattering description, it’s quite the ritual.

Gary starts off his morning with a glass of water. Understandably, a glass of water is probably the most sensible initial post-sleep consumable you can have. It kick starts your body and mind and leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated. Good move Gary! He then enjoys a quick cup of earl grey tea before heading to the tiled domain to continue along the road to readiness.

After a quick shower and a good wash with the S+F Body Wash and Shampoo, Gary dries off and applies the Hydrator to the ‘dry bits’. These being his elbows, heels and sometimes arms and shoulders. He also makes use of the Face Scrub twice a week to ensure his face is clean and free of nasties. Touché Gary.

After getting dressed, he heads downstairs and enjoys either a boiled or poached egg, tomato, leaf vegetable and meat or fish on toast. That’s of course if his wife is there to cook up such a treat. When she’s out of the house earlier than usual, Gary enjoys a bowl of granola with milk… Below is an actual picture of Gary’s breakfast – we’re quite jealous to say the least.

Egg on toast

Colleague 2

Colleague number two would be the lovely Emma. She’s the Executive Assistant here and also the office mum. Rumour has it that Emma’s banana bread is quite the showstopper too, so if you happen to be reading this post Emma, we’d really love it if you ‘accidentally’ brought some in again!

Emma’s morning routine is slightly less complicated than Gary’s. She skips the tea-before-shower hassle Gary partakes in and heads straight to the bathroom. Emma uses a body wash of her choice daily, then shampoo’s a few times a week, which is definitely a great idea if you want to keep those healthy oils your hair naturally produces.

After heading downstairs to let the dogs out into the garden, Emma makes herself a latte, flicks through the paper and enjoys a piece of toast with butter and marmalade. How very British of you. That quick and fuss-free breakfast is followed by a walk with the doggies before starting the rest of the day. Easy.


After chatting to a few other colleagues here at the office, we came to the conclusion that there quite simply isn’t such thing as the perfect morning routine. Some put in the effort to cook a full meal, while others grab a ‘pain-au-raisin’ at their train platforms coffee stand. Anyhow, regardless of how strict, precious or involved your morning routine is, there just isn’t one to rule them all. We definitely agree a glass of water, splash of caffeine and a hearty breakfast will help start the day right, and a good night sleep is key to setting yourself up for the perfect morning routine, but admittedly the rest is up to you!

On a last note, don’t forget to take care of your hair and body. If you feel refreshed, clean and invigorated, you’re certain to feel better about heading off to work, hopefully with a smile on your face! That’s the best advice we can give to help you achieve the perfect morning routine, or at least the closest thing to it.


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