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Naturally Derived – Why it Matters

Posted by S+F on Mar 13, 2017.

Naturally derived products play an important role here at Scaramouche + Fandango. They are responsible for up-to 98% of our product ingredients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We strongly believe that natural ingredients are a vital component in any good skin and haircare product as we strive to produce the best products for our customers. In addition, all of our products are paraben free, so they take extra-good care of your skin and hair.

Most of our products use easily recognisable natural ingredients. Our Shampoo is packed with shea butter to ensure hair is kept nourished and soft, while the black quinoa removes excess oils and nasties brought from day to day wear.
Similarly, our Conditioner is packed with Keravis protein, nature’s antidote to damaged hair. It strengthens the hair by improving the hair’s tensile properties, elasticity and cuticle abrasion, ensuring your hair remains at its healthiest.

Sh + Cd
Another product we take pride in is our award-winning Hydrator. Besides being jam packed with vitamin E which blocks free radicals from the body (they play a large part in the ageing process), we’ve also included an anti-fatigue cell energiser called Chronodyn™. Chronodyn comes from a form of algae and it’s proven to fight signs of fatigue and tone the skin, ensuring your skin always looks its best, and of course you can’t forget the little treat packed in there that is guava!

Vitamin E also features in our invigorating Body Wash but it does also pack a punch in the morning with Brazilian Papaya. It was never an ingredient we really needed, but the thought of waking up to a refreshing and remineralising papaya body wash was simply too hard to resist.

Last thing we’d like to mention is our signature fragrance. We worked extremely hard to develop a fragrance that could run across the range and provide our products with a unique scent that would appeal to all! After many iterations, we developed a scent that is recognisable in every one of our skin and hair products, packed full of some really lovely ingredients. Noticeably, there is a light and fruity top note of grapefruit and citrus, followed by middle notes of orris and white cedar that are responsible for the slight musky scent. It is then finished off with base notes of patchouli and vetiver, which all come together to create our signature S+F fragrance.

scaramouche and fandango

So there you have it. Naturally derived ingredients and products play an important role here at S+F and we’ll always strive to find new and natural ingredients for all of our products, old and new. Simple.

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