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Men’s Skincare Guide

Posted by S+F on Mar 06, 2017.

Understandably, skincare can be a little confusing. The do’s and don’ts are awfully contradictory and at times, even we’re not entirely sure whats going on. One thing we do know for sure, is how skincare works.

From pores to prickly pear extract, we’re going to guide you through a fuss, faff and face mask free skincare routine to carry you through from Monday to Sunday. You may as well throw away the cucumber slices now because you won’t need them, we can promise you that!

The Exfoliator

First things first, you’ll need some skincare products that actually do as they say. The funny thing is, we happen to have exactly those. The Scaramouche + Fandango Face Scrub is your twice a week teammate. Packed with gentle but effective ingredients such as prickly pear, jojoba oil and guava extract, the S+F Face Scrub is sure to remove the excess oils, dead skin and residue build up on a daily basis. Prickly Pear is part of the cacti family. Its gentle and natural exfoliating properties are built to remove all the nasties from your pores, without causing any damage or soreness to your skin. Other ingredients such as jojoba oil are natural and kind to your skin, replenishing moisture and helping soften the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energised.

You only need to use this little guy twice a week, as exfoliating everyday causes unnecessary irritation.
The last thing you want to do is over use your face scrub and end up removing the good skin cells, inflaming your skin and producing breakouts, as the natural goodness your skin produces is vital in preventing this from occurring and keeping your skin at it’s best.

The Shave Cream

Next up is the all important shave cream. Not everyone would agree that shave creams, soaps and foams are a skincare product, but here at S+F, we really do beg to differ! One of the harshest things your face comes into contact each day with is a razor. When shaving, up to 2 layers of skin are effectively removed, exposing more sensitive and thinner layers of skin to the elements, so it’s vital that your skin is looked after while shaving away yesterdays stubble. The Scaramouche and Fandango Shave Cream is full of natural goodness, which provides for a smooth and close shave. Crambe Seed Oil, an oilseed crop native to the mediterranean, nourishes and moisturises the face during shaving, while Ginkgo Extract, native to China, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, protecting against razor burn and soreness. These ingredients alongside only a handful more, provide a shave cream thats high in naturally derived products, fit for king and sure to keep your skin feeling smooth and fresh.

The Moisturiser

Lastly is probably the most important product of them all, the moisturiser. Here at Scaramouche and Fandango, we believe that every man and woman alike should moisturise. The regularity of that hasn’t ever been completely confirmed or scientifically proven, as there has been speculation that too much moisturising leaves your skin effectively ‘lazy’ and unable to hydrate itself, although it has also been said that you should moisturise after every shower and/or shave. Confusing right? We believe moisturising is entirely up to the user. If you shave everyday, we would definitely recommend moisturising everyday, although if you happen to only shave once a week, moisturising every other day is probably the better option.
The best time to apply your moisturiser is either after showering, shaving or exfoliating. It’s recommended that you should pat your face almost-dry with a towel, then apply your moisturiser immediately after. This locks in the moisture left from showering or shaving, keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed. The Scaramouche and Fandango Hydrator is an effective moisturiser, containing anti-fatigue Chronodyn™ Cell Energiser to reduce signs of tiredness and Vitamin E to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, moisturise the skin and reduce signs of premature ageing.

That’s pretty much all the skincare you need! All of our skincare range is high in naturally derived ingredients, so it’s kind to your skin and takes care of the hard stuff. Remembering to use it is down to you, and that’s the easy part!

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