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Men’s Hair Care Guide

Posted by S+F on Apr 05, 2017.

Here at Scaramouche + Fandango, we understand that hair care can be confusing. From styling tips to perfect trims, we’ve put together a fuss-free hair care guide with the help from some industry professionals to help wash away your troubles.

In the Shower

You’d think you know the deal when it comes to washing your barnet. Unsurprisingly, 1 in 5 individuals suffer from dandruff. Dandruff isn’t contagious but can be tricky to treat, so taking care of your hair before problems occur is important.

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If you use styling products such as wax, clay or pomade, your hair will become quite greasy and sticky rather quickly. We recommend washing your hair with shampoo twice when you shower, or applying the first amount of shampoo to dry hair to break down product. The first wash will remove any product, although some may still remain, especially if it’s not water soluble. The second wash will remove any excess oil your hair has produced and any styling product left on the hair. This will ensure that your hair is left clean and free of nasties, although doing this everyday may strip the natural healthy oils which isn’t a great idea. To avoid this, try leaving your hair product free for a day or two, then avoid shampooing at all. This will allow your hair to regenerate its natural oils and prevent it from drying, ensuring your hair is kept in shape.

If you don’t use hair products to style with, washing three to four times a week is perfect. You can condition every day to leave the hair soft and refreshed, but use shampoo every other day, again, to allow the hair’s natural oils to do what they do best and to prevent your mane from getting a little dry.

Men's Hair Styling Products


Styling plays a big part in hair care. There are a few things to consider before choosing the styling product that suits your hair best. First thing to consider is the style that you are trying to achieve. Looking for a natural, matt finished style that can be moulded and sculpted throughout the day? Pomade is not the right option. Want a slicked back style that’ll hold all day? Matt Clay wont do it. You need to pick a product that will help you achieve the desired style and work for you throughout the day. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different styling products;

Pomade – Traditional pomades carry a high shine, strong hold and slightly wet finish. They’re perfect for slick back styles, rockabilly looks and groomed pompadours. If your hair is thinning, this is probably a product you should avoid. Pomades generally split up the hair, so they’re awful if your trying to leave a thicker and fuller style.

Clay – Clays or Matt Clays are effectively zero-shine products that leave the hair as natural looking as possible. They are fantastic for most styles, are often mouldable so you can re-work the hair during that day and help create lots of texture, perfect for defining styles and creating messy looks. Clay is best suited for choppy textured cuts, modern quiffs and comb overs but they really can be used for any style when used correctly. Apply to dry hair and style for a natural and textured finish, or apply to damp hair and style into place for a more groomed and set finish. This product is definitely best for thinning styles as clays don’t separate the hair and they leave the hair shine-free and fuller looking.

Cream – Similar to Clay, Creams are great for natural styles although they aren’t usually as strong at holding the hair. They can be applied to damp or dry hair and they leave hair with effectively a product-free appearance. Creams are the best choice for longer hairstyles that are left down to blow in the wind although they can be used for more natural shorter hairstyles where you just want a little more structure rather than a strong hold.

Another topic we definitely need to cover is blow-drying your hair. Regardless of whether you’re simply drying it or using it to help style, hairdryers can damage the hair if not used properly. Heat can cause a lot of damage to the hair as it can effectively burn the hair and damage the follicle. Although hair is already technically dead, you don’t want to bring it damage by treating it badly. Now we are aware that all hairdryers don’t have multiple heat settings. If you happen to have two heat settings, use the lower one to avoid excessive heat damaging the hair. If you only have one heat setting, try keeping the dryer a suitable distance away from the hair and every now and then, flick to the cold setting to let the hair cool.

Last thing to mention in regards to using a hairdryer is making use of the cool setting. When heat is applied to the hair, the follicle opens meaning it’s more prone to damage. Use of the cold setting will close the follicle, reducing risk of damage and breakage. It’s also a great tool for setting the hair. When the hair follicle is open, it tends to be weaker and therefor wont stand as well. If you’re looking for a lifted style with height, blast it with the cold air into shape after drying. This will help keep it up for longer so you can say goodbye to flat and collapsing hair styles.

Hair Styling Cream

The Haircut

One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to your hair is not planning your haircut appropriately. If you rush to the barbers on your lunch break on an unplanned visit, you may end up leaving with a haircut you don’t really want. The same rule also applies to the barber you visit. Speaking to a barber, it was made clear that relationships between barber and client are important. Not only will you receive better service with a barber you know, but the barber will be completely aware of how you like your haircut and deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Another part of hair care also comes down to the haircut. If you’re an avid fan of styling your hair, having the right cut will make that process a whole lot easier. If your hair has been cut badly it can make trying to achieve the desired style difficult and you will most likely have to put a lot more heat, product and persuasion into your hair. This can result in your hair producing excess oil and therefor a build up of grease and can put a strain on the hair follicle, increasing chance of damage and breakage.

Another thing to mention is the infamous comb-over and we’re not referring to the younger gent here unfortunately. If you’re losing your hair, opt for a shorter cropped style. If you’re adamant at keeping some length, go for a shorter back and sides. This will draw attention away from the thinning areas on top. And don’t forget the use of matt rather then wet-look products!

So there you have our men’s hair care guide. A handful of useful tips and tricks to keep your mane looking magnificent. Do you have any useful hair care tips? Tweet us @Scaramouche_UK!

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