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Badger Friendly – The Shave Brush

Posted by S+F on Mar 28, 2017.

Here at Scaramouche + Fandango, our formulations are all made in the UK, suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For this reason, we always look for product formulation and production routes that completely avoid the harm of any animals. This philosophy also extends to our Shave brush.

The History

Originally, shave brushes were made from badger hair with less expensive brushes being made using boar or horse’s hair. They can be traced back to France to the 1750’s where shave brushes, also known as blaireau, french for “badger”, used animal hair for the bristles and anything from gold and ivory to tortoise shell and porcelain for the handle. The most common type of hair used was that of a badger, with different types of hair used ranging from Pure Badger being the basic hair to rare Silvertip Badger being the best.

When the folding handle straight razor was developed and produced in the 1800’s, shaving at home became common practice rather then being shaved at the barbers. The shave brush slowly became a status symbol with more eccentric and expensive brushes becoming a way of asserting ones personality or even influence.

shave brush

Badger Friendly

At Scaramouche + Fandango, a badger hair shave brush was never an option. We wanted to develop a shave brush using synthetic hair that still provided an authentic and enjoyable experience, so the development process was crucial. We searched high and low for the finest materials and after months of research, we finally found the ideal synthetic hair for our brushes that provided an accurate and authentic representation of badger hair, without harming any animals.

Shave Brush

Our Shave Brush consists of 100% ultra-soft synthetic hair. Synthetic hair in most ways is better then badger or other animal hairs as it remains odourless regardless of how much it is used, that is as long as it is cleaned and dried correctly. Badger brushes tend to carry an odd scent, and as time passes and usage continues, the hair starts to smell slightly, which can be off putting. Badger brushes also lose hairs as the bristles damage and break over time, where synthetic hair is generally much stronger and lasts for a longer period of time.

Our Shave Brush also features a chrome base acrylic handle, carrying a healthy weight and sporting a durable build. Better than ivory, a material sourced from animal tusks and porcelain which is often prone to being damaged rather easily, our handle supports the brush well and doesn’t carry overly expensive costs, not forgetting it avoids sourcing any material from animals.

Shave Brush Close Up

One thing we had to ensure was the authenticity of our Shave Brush. The hair had to look, feel and lather like the real deal and we managed to achieve exactly that. The synthetic bristles are strong and flexible, allowing for the perfect lather and setting you up for the perfect shave.

In an age of mass consumerism and disregard for both raw materials and welfare of animals, we strive to develop and produce effective products that both eliminate the need for excessive consumerism and destruction of animal habitat and life. Here at Scaramouche + Fandango, we will constantly aim to develop and improve on product and brand, delivering the grooming products that are needed on the market, without the oversell and eccentric marketing that often comes with it. Thats the science of simplicity.

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